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The organizational structure of GGOS can be separated into two main parts, with the existing and potentially new IAG Services providing the observations and products, and a coordination and steering part facilitating coordination in major cross-cutting areas and an overall steering of the development of the geodetic observing system. GGOS has already implemented the governing structure, with the Steering Committee being the decision-making component. This committee includes representatives of all IAG Commissions and Services, i.e. the "shareholders". The Executive Committee takes care of the day-to-day business and works under the direction of the Steering Committee. The Science Panel with about ten experts from all relevant scientific fields is an advisory component mainly for the Steering Committee. For the coordination, GGOS is currently in the process of establishing a Coordinating Office that will support the Executive and Steering Committees, and there new Bureaus. These Bureaus will coordinate the cross-cutting issues of geodetic networks, standards and conventions, and satellite missions.