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GGOS has represented IAG as Participating Organization in GEO since IAG joint GEO in 2004. Today, IAG is represented in most of the GEO Plenary meetings and the GEO Committees. Moreover, IAG is the lead organization for one of the Tasks of the GEO Work Plan. In order to coordinate the links between IAG/GGOS and GEO internally in GGOS, GGOS has established a Working Group on GEO Relations. Members of this WG are the IAG/GGOS delegates to the GEO Committees.

The mission of the WG covers all aspects of the links between IAG/GGOS and GEO. The WG has the task to facilitate an effective geodetic support for GEO, the flow of information from GEO to IAG/GGOS and a satisfactory contribution of GGOS to GEOSS.